Hanjah Returns to Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – As the year comes to a close, former Templars leader Hanjah has made the decision to return to leadership. What was the reason for her return?

The Templars were formed back in April of 2018 by Xing. Throughout their time as an army, the Templars have been involved in many conflicts, both internal and external, such as against the Mangoes and Recon Federation. The army often maxes between 15-30, making several appearances on the Top Ten Armies list.

Battle for White House

Hanjah originally joined the Templars back in 2019 after a request by her close friend, Micderper. She advanced through the ranks, making her way to Grand Prior earlier this year. She led the army through their wars against the Redemption Force and Doritos/Royals alliance. Hanjah left the leadership team earlier this year, citing internal drama and toxicity. As the problems seemed to have dissolved themselves, Hanjah re-enlisted in the army and was promoted to Grand Prior on December 14th.

Recent Templars event

The Club Penguin Army Hub team reached out to Hanjah for an interview about her thoughts regarding her return.

What was the reason for your return to the Templars?

What ultimately made me come back to Templars was because I was bored initially and I wanted to see how Templars and the army community was doing. I’ve been busy with school and Templars has been the only army that I’ve really been active in so I just wanted to rejoin to both kill some boredom and help accomplish stuff within the army.

Can you tell us more about your plans following your return to the leadership?

My plans in the future are simple. Expanding and improving what we have. I will reward others for recruiting, train more of the recruits, and expand our land a lot more. My strengths as a leader are that I get along with everyone well, so I can easily interact with people I recruit with and I could help train them. My goal is to help establish Templars as a more strong army than it already is. I also want to improve our tactics to be faster and more unique, and our formations to be smoother.

How do you think the Templars will perform in the coming months?

I think Templars will perform well depending on many factors. A. Good leadership and hyping with events. B. Lots of recruiting and establishing newcomers into the army. C. A really cool community that gets along with each other well. I also believe that if we max more and get faster at tactics, we could easily overcome many obstacles in our way.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

What I’d like to add is that you should watch out for progress in the Templars army in the coming months, as I’m hoping to improve a lot of aspects of what resources we have available. Of course, I cannot do this all by myself, so I am relying on the other leaders and HCOM to guide me, as they always have and they have been a good support group for me. Templars will always be my home and I hope we won’t disappoint!

Hanjah is returning to the army with some strong goals in mind. The Templars certainly seem to be heading in a positive direction, but how will they fare? Will Hanjah achieve her goals?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments section below!


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