2020: What Has Happened So Far?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Since we have now passed the half-way mark of the current year, let’s take a look at the amazing journey the army community has endured these past 6 months. From the establishment of CP Army Media, the many wars, the return of veterans due to a worldwide pandemic, and finally the unification of the community under the Army Hub.


After a busy month in December of 2019, January saw a drop in activity from the community. As most of us returned to school and work after a long winter break, most of us did not see a bright future in CPA until the summer came along. Little did we know this would be the start of a great year in the community.


(Closed) Ninjas of CP: Revived at an unknown date in January. Closed on January 25th.

(Closed) Romans of CP: Revived on January 20th. Closed on April 9th.


(CPA) Holiday Championship Tournament was a large tournament that involved many well-known armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Help Force, Lime Green Army, and more. This tournament went throughout January and in the end, RPF and ACP went head to head in the finals. ACP won the finals with a score of 2-1-0 and was victorious for this tournament.

ACP vs. RPF in Holiday Tournament Finals


Dark Warriors vs. Doritos: After a change in DW leadership, the warriors declared war on DCP. The war went on for a bit of time but the war ended in stalemate with no set winner.



February was a month to remember as it was the opening of the CP Army Media, which in no time would be a huge hub for Club Penguin Armies offering leagues, tournaments, top ten, and more. Even though the rest of the month could be seen as slow, it kicked off the activeness of the months to follow.


(Open) Dark Warriors: Revived on February 29th. Still currently open.


(CPOAL) Fjord Frenzy was a tournament that included 8+ armies, many that have since closed but some are still open today, such as the Ice Warriors and the Crimson Guardians. For the finals, IW ended up against the Light Troops and the Warriors ended up being victorious for this tournament.

IW vs. Light Troops in Fjord Frenzy Finals


Army Club Penguin vs. Romans:  ACP declared war on the Romans on February 22nd due to a scandal involving alleged troop stealing and cheating behaviors as well as ‘poor insight’ in Romans’ leadership. The war lastest until March 1st, in which ACP had won with a score of 5-0-0.

The Yellow Army vs. Os Mascarados: TYA declared war on OMA on the 8th of February after making the transition to CPW. After a mutual agreement, TYA ended up winning this war which was a huge step for them in the army community. 


A new army news site, called CP Army Media, was opened by Ayan and Emcee as well as the assistance from others. Opening on the 9th of February, CPAM was a league-less site at the time, offering armies to register for the perks of being included in news, tournaments, and the Top Ten.



With major world events starting to occur, such as COVID-19 along with the growth in CP Army Media’s popularity, the army community witnessed a continuance of activeness from many armies. While there was not much conflict from one army to another, we all were geared up for some conflicts to unfold in the future.


(Open) Peoples Imperial Confederation: Revived on March 26th. Still currently open.


(CPOAL) March Madness Tournament involved 16 armies including many who are a part of the CP Army Hub league currently; such as the Dark Warriors, Crimson Guardians, Templars, and more. The tournament was held throughout March and went into April. In the end, there were no victors as the finals of the tournament never occurred.


DCP vs IW in March Madness Semi-Finals


Help Force vs. Reacon Federation: HF declared war on RFCP on the 31st of March because of RFCP declaring war of PCP earlier in the month. HF felt that this was unjustified and wanted to assist PCP in this conflict. In the end, HF won the war with a score of 1-0-0 after RFCP had left CPAM. 



April was the month where the world was impacted most by COVID-19, as we were transitioning into our new routines of working from home or attending our new online classes, we had an abundance of free time. Many of us were able to dedicate a lot of time to CP Armies which is why the month of April was very active with numerous army revivals and wars.


(Open) Special Weapons and Tactics: Revived on April 4th. Merged with DCP on May 18th. Revived once again on May 28th and are open currently.

(Closed) Golds: Revived on April 5th. Merged with IW on May 19th. Revived once again on 20th May. Date of closure unknown.

(Open) Lime Green Army: Revived on April 2nd. Still currently open.

(Open) Shadow Troops: Revived on April 12th. Closed on May 3rd. Revived once again on July 16th and are open currently.

(Closed) Aliens: Revived on April 13th. Closed on May 26th.

(Open) Takis: Revived on April 16th. Closed on May 1st. Revived once again on July 15th.

(Open) Golden Troops: Revived on April 21st. Still currently open.

(Closed) Gigi Hadid Army: Revived on April 23rd. Date of closure unknown.


(CPAM) The Premier League Tournament was hosted throughout April and involved 6 armies: the Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of CP, Romans of CP, Help Force, Os Mascarados, and Pizza Federation. After a fun-filled tournament, RPF had taken the win and were the champions for this tournament!


ACP vs. RPF in Premier League Tournament Finals

(CPAL) Rage and Glory Tournament was a one day clash between all the official Major and S/M armies that took place on 27th April. The whole day was packed with exciting match-ups and it was a learning experience for all armies who attended the tournament.

Aliens vs. Royals in Rage and Glory Tournament


Doritos vs. Ice Warriors: The Doritos declared war on IW on April 10th after IW and their allies invaded numerous DCP owned land. After IW gave out their land to numerous S/M armies, the war was declared as over on April 15th with IW winning with a score of 23-3.

Gigi Hadid Army vs. Army of Club Penguin: The Gigi Hadid Army declared war on ACP on April 27th due to the underlining and pre-existing issues that the leader of Gigis had with some ACP staff. This war lasted one day and ACP won with a score of 1-0-0.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Army of Club Penguin: RPF declared war on ACP on April 27th after an ACP staff member leaked screenshots of their staff chat in Discord that included some negative discussion of RPF. In the end, both armies agreed to a ceasefire until later in the year where both sides agreed to certain terms.



After a busy month in April, the streak of activeness in the community continued with a large tournament and 8 wars that broke out, including a world war among numerous armies. May was a month to remember as it set the precinct of the future rivalries and allies of CPA.


(Open) Elites: Revived on May 7th. Still currently open.

(Closed) Night Warriors: Revived on May 11th. Closed on May 19th.

(Closed) Dark Bandits: Revived on May 12th. Closed on June 8th.

(Open) Water Vikings: Revived on May 19th. Currently still open.


(CPAM) Challengers Cup was an S/M tournament with over 14 armies that attended. It was carried out over 2 weeks in May and ended in controversy as multi logging and bot scandals were discovered. In the end, the Pizza Federation and People’s Imperial Confederation went head to head in the finals, where PZF took the win of this amazing tournament.

Pizza Federation vs People’s Imperial Confederation in Challenger’s Cup Finals.


World War Rewritten: WWR began at the end of April and carried into the beginning of May. Which started as a war between RPF and ACP, turned into much more as allies were brought in for assistance. Multiple wars broke out involving ACP, RPF, PZF, Chaos, LGA, HF, and more. In the end, RPF and ACP declared a ceasefire which ended WWR.

Golden Guardians vs. Pizza Federation: The Golden Guardians declared war on PZF on May 14th due to wanting to declare war on an army, seamlessly for ‘fun’. In the end, PZF’s leader had admitted defeat and declared the war to be won by GG with a score of 1-0-0.

Pirates vs. Doritos: The Doritos declared war on the Pirates on May 21st after a post from DCP addressing their thoughts of Pirates, making notes of ‘biased culture’ and ‘annoyance’. This battle carried out for a few days, both armies, both armies agreed to come to a halt to go up against the Ice Warriors in a new war.

Ice Warriors vs. Doritos + Pirates: After DCP and the Pirates war came to a halt, both armies mutually agreed to come together to begin a war with IW on the 25th of May. On the 29th of May, the war ended as some underlying conflict was resolved, in addition to the war ending, all came to an agreed alliance.

Army of Club Penguin vs. Coup Crusaders: On the 25th of May, ACP declared war on the crusaders with allegations of troop stealing and CC claiming bias. The war ended the next day with a peace treaty amongst ACP and CC. In the end, ACP won the war with a score on 3-0-0.

Templars vs. Crimson Guardians: The Templars declared war on the guardians on May 25th to reclaim the land that they stated were theirs in 2019. CG ended up transferring their land to ACP, and the Templars went on the battle ACP, in which they had lost. Later on, CG and Templars signed a peace treaty that declared the end of the war.

One Direction Army vs. Golden Troops: ODA declared war against GT on May 26th to claim more land. Since the war was more for ODA invading land for their army, there was not a clear winner. Within the spawn of 4 days, ODA successfully invaded 2 pieces of land while one they had lost and that land remained GTs.

Templars vs. Os Mascarados: The Templars declared war on OMA on May 28th only a short time after signing a peace treaty with CG and ACP. The war latest about a week, concluding on June 4th following a ceasefire and agreement of land distribution from both armies. 


After the shutdown of Club Penguin Online, the CPO Army League had rebranded into the CP Army League in mid-May, allowing armies using other CPPSes to enroll in CPAL. They also had continued their Top Ten list as well as offered tournaments for the armies.



Surprisingly, after 2 months of high activity, As summer was just starting to begin and numerous countries were beginning to open after a long shut down, the CPA community had a slight drop on activity. regardless, one of the largest tournaments of the year so far was conducted causing many armies to dart away from conflict to focus on the tournament.


(Open) Marines: Revived on June 12th. Still currently open.

(Open) Black Order: Revived on June 28th. Still currently open.


(CPAM)(CPAL) Legends Cup X was a huge tournament where each army was proud to be in and was very determined to achieve success even if it didn’t mean becoming victorious. We saw some of the closest and entertaining battles of this era, as well as some armies such as the Army of Club Penguin and Rebel Penguin Federation, as well as many others, break their size records. In the end, the rebels emerged victorious after a close battle against the Help Force.

RPF vs. HF in LCX Finals


Templars vs. PIC: Templars had declared war on PIC on the 9th of June, scheduling invasions of multiple pieces of PIC’s land. The war ended in a ceasefire from both armies.

Confederation War: This war started on June 18th with Red Ravagers declaring war on PIC, soon after PZF and Templars joined alongside them. The following day, the Marines and WV joined this war to assist on PIC’s side. Later on, a few other armies had decided to join the war. The war concluded on June 24th with a Frostbite Agreement that announced a truce from involved armies. 

Coup Crusaders vs. Templars: CC declared war on the Templars on the 27th of June due to the Templars going to other S/M armies asking them to colonize or merge with them as well as other reasons listed in their declarement. After a few controversial battles, the Templars won the war with a score of 2-0-0.

Reacon Federation vs. Los Facheros: Following a failed merge, RFCP declared war on LFA on June 28th due to LFA’s leader allegedly breaking an agreement. After 2 battles with both armies declaring victorious, the war ended on June 2nd once RFCP declaring victory once Amelia ‘surrendered’ her power in LFA.


On the 15th of May, only days after the first anniversary of CPA: The Game, the game was saught to a close after receiving a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). CPATG held a great significance to many of the armies in the community as it served as a hub for events, battles, tournaments, and more.

The Flippr Army League was created around the 18th of June by Buddycrafted. The league wasn’t much of a league since its primary perk was in-game services for armies. Later on, Kyle revamped the server and started running the league alongside Dman, who are currently the Chief Executive Officers. Since then they’ve had over 15 armies sign up with their league.

Two of the most beloved figures in the CPA community retired on the 29th of June. Ayan and Emcee had wished her goodbyes to CPAM and their CEO positions, both to focus more on real-life responsibilities. Even though many will miss them, they had left the next chapter for CP Army Media in good hands.

On June 30th, following the retirement of Ayan and Emcee, the Chief Executive Officers of CP Army Media, an announcement was made announcing the much-anticipated merge of CP Army Media and CP Army League. They merged to unify the community and create a hub for all armies, in which this new community was called the CP Army Hub which currently stands as the largest and most popular league.


Overall, the army community has most certainly grown in all aspects since the start of the year. Regardless of the numerous wars and arisen conflicts that we have seen, we all manage to get together and become an amazing community in the CP Army Hub. With the CP Army Hub team having more fun stored for the future, it will be wonderful to see how stronger the new era of Club Penguin Armies will get over the rest of the year, and beyond.


What do YOU think? What were your thoughts on CPA over the last 6 months? Will the community continue to rise and flourish? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief

Please note: With the amount of content that has occurred in the past 6 months, it is quite possible that numerous revivals or wars may have been missed. 


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